About CARC


EB-5 Investors have a wide range of projects to choose from in different industries and locations; however, poor projects could jeopardize your family’s investment and application. CARC’s principals have drawn on their wealth of experience and successful track records to select projects which combine proven market strategies, government agencies’ support, and the safety and security that investors demand from EB-5 projects. With CARC, investors and their families can feel confident in their investment.

Our Strength

Our projects have been designed down to the smallest details with our market in mind. Drawing on our vast and successful experience in Louisiana real estate, our projects invite sophisticated residents and exceptional tenants who want to be in the center of the action, while having a peaceful retreat to call home.

Belmont Residences

In the heart of downtown New Orleans, the largest and most vibrant city in Louisiana, the Belmont Residences will be an expansion of our affiliate's a highly-successful residential project known as "925 Common", which was developed by and is owned by the principals of CARC. Steps away from New Orleans' most exciting attractions, and just one block outside of the famous "French Quarter", the 108 fully-leased apartments currently built are already among the most exclusive and desirable residential addresses in the city. Adding 91 new apartments, as well as new amenities such as a rooftop pool and deck, and in-building dining options, will make it a residential experience like no other in New Orleans.

River House

Located in the center of Baton Rouge, the capital and second-largest city in Louisiana, River House will be a new mixed-use development including residences, as well as office and retail space. Anchored by Baton Rouge's two primary employment centers – Louisiana State University and the Central Business District (CBD) – its unique work/live/play environment will bring home, office, and retail together in one central location. River House will welcome graduate students, professors, university staff, government workers, and professionals from throughout the city who seek convenience, simplicity, and comfort.


The best team, while important, is not enough to ensure the success of an EB-5 investment. Our two projects, The Belmont Residences, in New Orleans; and River House, in Baton Rouge have government and community support, risk-minimizing external financing mechanisms, and an experienced management team supporting them. These two projects will cost about USD $50 million and should create approximately 200 jobs. Both developments qualify for TEA status and therefore a reduced USD $500,000 investment, and have been designed for optimal compatibility with the EB-5 Program.

Building on Fundamentals

CARC's developments are in the most desirable areas of their economically-vibrant cities, and will have the amenities that their refined clientele expect.

Building on Security

Our projects will benefit from extensive third-party financing and payment and performance bonds, payment and construction completion assurance, provided by a major insurance companyto ensure that the projects are built according to plan and that all contractors and subcontractors are paid.

Building on Success

Our project in New Orleans, known as The Belmont Residences, is a Phase II expansion of our highly successful Phase I, which is fully rented with a waiting list of eager tenants.

Building on Opportunity

With one of the strongest economies in the nation, Louisiana is a well-kept investment secret and perfect location for your EB-5 investment. In fact, Forbes magazine wrote in January 2013 that Louisiana is "America's New Frontier for Business Opportunity".

Building on Relationships

CARC's relationship with government and cooperating partners and supporters allow you to invest with confidence

Building for the Future –

Creating multiple exit strategies has played an important role in each project from its conception, giving you and your family peace of mind.


CARC’s Investors understand that the team behind the regional center plays a critical role in their success. CARC’s three core principals have over 80 years of combined real estate experience, and have been involved in a nation-wide portfolio of real estate in excess of several billion US dollars. For more detailed information on our track record, please click here.

CARC’s team was first drawn to Louisiana’s exciting real estate market in 1988, and has been active throughout the state ever since. Their intimate knowledge of the state and its unique market, coupled with their enduring relationships with key business and political leaders, have been an invaluable resource for its past developments. CARC’s principals have used these same techniques to ensure that its projects are safe, reliable, well-located, strongly supported by their governments and communities, and will create more than enough jobs for all of our investors’ EB-5 applications.