An investment project is only as strong as the market in which it is located. Growing cities and innovative economies attract wealthier residents and new businesses, which are essential to the success of any project.

Our projects are located in Louisiana, home to one of the largest ports in the world and a magnet for businesses as diverse as oil refining, advanced manufacturing, and filmmaking. Recently described in Forbes Magazineas the new frontier of American business, Louisiana is an ideal place for a new investment. In addition, the cities in which CARC’s projects are located – New Orleans and Baton Rouge – are among the most vibrant in the US, known for their unique cultures, economic dynamism, and low cost of living. Baton Rouge, the state’s capital, is the seat of government, home to the state’s largest and most important university, and the location of numerous film production facilities. New Orleans, the state’s largest city, is the birthplace of jazz music, a major US tourist destination, and one of the most important bases for the US oil and film industries.

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